[Announcement] Welcome Our Two Newest Board Members

You may remember our recent call for application submissions for new members of our board of directors. We were overwhelmed by your responses and the shortlist of applicants were tough to choose from. But we are very pleased to welcome four people to the Walk AS One family. Please join us in welcoming the two newest members of the board of directors, Christina Lowe, and Victoria Greenberg. We are also excited about welcoming the very first medical advisory board member: Adrienne Taren. And last but not least. Please welcome Angela Boswell, who has joined the volunteer committee.

Here’s a little about each of them:

Christina is a stay-at-home baseball mom, who loves a good book. She also loves to write, knit, crochet and is a keen quilter (when her hands allow it.) She’s an active AS advocate and took on the responsibility as co-captain of the Blue Apples in last years Walk Your AS Off. Since then she decided to devote her time “helping others who are struggling to overcome the obstacles this disease leaves us with.”

Victoria is a paralegal based in New Jersey who is passionate about raising the global awareness of AS. Victoria brings valuable insights to the team as a family member of someone with AS. Her brother, and our hero, Micheal Smith was a passionate AS advocate, and Victoria is helping to carry on his legacy.

Adrienne has captained the WYASO team “Endurance for AS” since 2014. She earned an MD and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon University Medical Scientist Training Program and is currently a resident physician with a research program focusing on the effects of stress and stress reduction interventions (such as mindfulness training) on brain structure and function. In her spare time, she can be found riding a bike (or five) through the gravel hills of Oklahoma.

Angela is a former EMT who battled to help others despite her AS diagnosis. She is passionate about educating medical professionals about AS and it’s related diseases.

As excited as we are to grow our Walk AS One family, with the addition of Christina and Victoria, we are saddened to see Carrie Kellenberger and Adam Wolfe go. They have both given so much towards raising awareness, and we feel extremely honored to have worked with them over the last 2+ years. They are both moving onto pastures new and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. One thing we are sure of is that they’ll be walking their AS off, no matter what challenges they face. From all of us here at Walk AS One — Thank you.

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