Walk Your AS Off with Us! AS Awareness Month Starts May 1, 2024!

May 1st is fast approaching, which means it is almost time for this year's Walk Your AS Off event.

The Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) is proud to take Walk Your AS Off into the future and continue the amazing work that founder Jenna Visscher began years ago.

Since our founding in 1983, the Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) has been the face, voice and leading nationwide nonprofit organization educating, empowering, and advocating for people living with spondyloarthritis. Through our extensive work with patients, the medical community, and partners we provide information and resources to help people impacted by the disease live better lives and champion research to find a cure. Your donations make this all possible.

Walk Your AS Off is another opportunity to support SAA with a gift in honor of a fellow walker, a loved one, or someone you walk for.


If you have participated before then you are all set. Your account from last year will be waiting for you. Just log in and start tracking your steps. Treat the time leading up to May 1st as practice for the main event, and make sure you can log back into your account and log steps, and maybe leave a note for your team and say hi in the team messaging system. https://walkasone.org/

If you are new to Walk Your AS Off, then welcome!

Should you walk with us? Yes! Most people with spondylitis benefit from regular exercise. And remember all exercise counts and can be converted to steps to be logged. Whether it's work around the house or garden, yoga, or cycling, it can all be converted!

If you have any questions or want to start a team but are not sure how to don't be afraid to reach out to us at info@spondylitis.org

This year's World AS Day falls on Saturday, May 4th. Be sure to check out ASIF’s website to learn more about support in your country. https://asif.info/worldasday/

Join us! And wear some cool swag! https://spondylitis.org/store/

“The Spondylitis Association of America brings decades of experience in providing education, advocacy, and support to individuals with spondyloarthritis and their families. With a comprehensive range of programs and services, SAA is well-equipped to carry forward the legacy of Walk AS One while expanding its reach and impact. By integrating Walk Your AS Off into its existing mission to empower those living with spondyloarthritis, SAA reaffirms its commitment to our global community. Walk Your AS Off will continue to serve as a rallying point for individuals worldwide to unite in the fight against spondyloarthritis. Participants can expect the same spirit of camaraderie, determination, and solidarity that has defined the event over the years, with added support and resources from SAA. Whether walking solo or forming teams, individuals can make a tangible difference by raising funds, raising awareness, and raising hope for a brighter future with spondyloarthritis.”

Jenna Visscher (Founder Walk Your AS Off)

The Yearly Million Step Challenge!

That’s right! A million steps a year. After finding “your happy pace,” SAA is challenging everyone to keep on walking even after the walk is officially over!

Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits. In addition to increasing stamina, overall fitness, and strength, cardiovascular exercise reduces the risk of many conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, and certain types of cancer. It also can combat obesity, and help decrease fatigue, while improving energy levels. So keep on logging those steps, long after AS month has passed! You’ll continue to see the benefits!

Progress to Mars

We've walked around the globe. And we've walked to the Moon! Now our aim is to collect enough steps to walk to Mars! This is our ten-year goal.

Why 10 years? Well, because the average length from symptom onset to diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis globally is 10 years! This is too long, and just one of the reasons why we raise awareness.

We need 316 billion steps to reach our goal!

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