Announcement: I'm leaving :(

Published: Nov. 13, 2022

Over the last 7 years, Walk AS One has been a big part of my life. When Jennifer Visscher approached Heather Stewart, Carrie Kellenberger, Adam Wolfe, Kelly O'Neil, and me about forming a charity to build on the success of her beloved and highly successful Walk Your AS Off event, I couldn't say no. Jennifer's enthusiasm and energy was intoxicating which helped us dive feet first into the world of nonprofits.

After her departure from the charity in July 2018, I was voted in as the new President of Walk AS One, and since then I've worked hard to ensure we not only honor Jennifer's legacy by making the Walk Your AS Off event even more successful than before, but that we continue to promote exercise and wellbeing to those young and old that have been affected by Axial Spondyloarthritis, as we push each year for higher awareness for our disease and its related conditions.

During the four or so years I've been President, we've added over 1 billion steps (1,022,845,434) to our grand total. A number that seems staggering every time I read it.

If there's one constant in life, it is that it's ever changing. Unfortunately, my own circumstances have changed and I am unable to dedicate the time and energy to my role as it deserves. Which is why I have made the very difficult choice to not stand for reelection when my term ends at the end of the year.

Walk AS One will also lose Brittany Hall, our Secretary, at the end of the year. She has helped us so much in staying organized, and being the social media content and management lead during her tenure. She always had great ideas and a positive attitude. You will be missed, Brittany.

Now for some good news.

Jennifer will be stepping back into the Presidency seat in January 2023. We are delighted to welcome her back, and you’ll be hearing from her in another post soon. I’m sure you’ll all continue to show her the warmth and respect you have for me over the years.

So here is my ask of you, dear reader. If you or anyone you know has been helped or touched by Walk AS One or Walk Your AS Off, then please consider giving back a little. Volunteer to help or help us fill the vacant seat on the Board of Directors next year (details forthcoming).

Thank you for all of your support over the years, it meant the world to me.