Crossing the Finishing - WYASO 2021

Published: June 6, 2021

Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) 2021 is officially over!

It’s been an amazing year, with so many fresh faces (and furry friends) taking part to help the global mission of raising awareness of Axial Spondyloarthritis (including Ankylosing Spondylitis).

It is my hope that you have seen a positive impact on your health as a result of taking part in WYASO. I also hope that you continue to monitor and track your activity levels so you can gain the benefits year round.

Our step tracking system will allow you to track your steps year-round. In fact, we encourage it! All steps tracked will count to our 10 year goal of reaching Mars.

And for further encouragement, if you track 1 million steps in the calendar year, we will send you a physical medal in the mail.

It is my pleasure to present you with this year’s step total for the WYASO event… 168,709,166

That’s an enormous amount of steps. In fact, that’s the highest total since 2016! Thank you so much for making this such a successful year.

This year 726 people took part in WYASO across 81 teams from at least 36 countries!

WYASO has never been about competing against other teams. It’s about competing against yourself, as you try to do more steps than you did previously, and focus on your health.

However, I know some of you might wonder how your team did overall compared to others. Here’s this year’s top 5 teams:

  1. NASS ORANGE APPLES - 29,901,842
  2. NASS AS Buzzers - 26,022,093
  3. A.S. Busters Canada - 13,907,630
  4. The Walking Spondies - 11,824,920
  5. BEKHTEREV NORGE - 11,264,960

Thank you to everyone that took part in this year’s WYASO event. I hope you had fun doing so.

If you would like to receive a free Walk AS One sticker, we’d appreciate it if you fill in our latest community survey so you can let us know what we did well this year, as well as what we need to improve next year. It should take just a few minutes of your time, and it could affect how we improve WYASO so we can raise more awareness, year-on-year.

Happy walking, friends.

Ricky White, President of Walk AS One