Jennifer Visscher returns to lead Walk AS One

Published: Dec. 2, 2022

Hello Walk AS One Family!

It is with great joy that I announce I am returning to lead our Walk AS One community once more! 

Beginning January 1, 2023 I will be back as President of the organization I founded in 2015 (See our history HERE.)

Stepping down in 2019 was a very difficult decision but my Mom was battling cancer and I needed to focus more on her and my family and I knew everything at Walk As One would be in very capable hands. Ricky White has done a fantastic job while I was away and founding members Michelle Qualey and Heather Stewart’s dedication to the organization and its goals were instrumental in keeping the mission moving forward and maintaining stability, with Ricky, as founding members are so good at. 

Right before I stepped down, Victoria Greenburg (sister of our beloved Michael Smith) became a board member as well as Richard Howard of the SAA. Both Victoria and Richard bring with them valuable and unique insights and experience that have helped the last few years run smoothly and with great success. We’ve had other amazing board members and volunteers while I’ve been away. Brittany Ebeling has been spectacular and we’re so sorry to see her leave at this time.

I want to thank all of our board members, team captains, volunteers, and walkers for the dedication and work for the community and awareness of AS. What an amazing group of people you all are!

I stepped away from participation in the Walk Your AS Off event as well, wanting to give Ricky and all the board the space to grow without me and they’ve done an amazing job! I didn’t stop walking though - if fact I’ve become an avid walker - truly seeing the positive impacts it has on my health both physically and emotionally. Now I can’t wait to be walking as one through the challenges of this family of diseases and adding steps with a collective purpose - those steps leave ripples. Steps taken with a purpose feel different and I am thrilled to share in that with you all once again. 

I have much to catch up on so please bear with me as I spend the next couple of months listening and learning and getting reacquainted with our walkers, volunteers, new advances and systems. 

As I get up to speed on everything, here are a few things that I will be working on immediately:

  1. Speaking with as many team captains past and present as possible to hear about the last few years and how we can help support you moving into this new era. 
  2. Reconnect with the other community non-profit organizations.
  3. Reestablish industry connections.
  4. Relaunch my Walk Your AS Off team - The Blue Apples!    
  5. Lots of Social Media!

One of the biggest changes you will see for 2023 is video communication via Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. What has helped so many people navigate a life with Axial Spondyloarthritis is connection and community and video makes it so much easier to learn about one another. I will be on a mission to come out from behind the computer as much as possible to meet as many walkers as possible! 

I have many ideas for the future of the walk and the organization but I first want to learn from all of you! What are your ideas and thoughts? Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook. My personal FB profile is open for friend requests and messages or email me at

I can’t wait to Walk AS One with you all once again!